Integrating classical Pilates and positive wellness in Athens, Georgia.


Integrating classical Pilates and positive wellness in Athens, Georgia.


“Grounded in the belief that we all deserve to live an authentic,
flourishing life experienced through a vibrant physical body.”

Classical Pilates: Through private instruction and small group classes, clients learn and apply the original principles and philosophy of Joseph Pilates. Movements activate the deep core muscles to elongate and lift the body into its center resulting in better posture, symmetrical muscle development and an internal sense of vitality and connection. 

Positive Wellness: In addition to teaching and learning authentic movement through Pilates, another big part of our mission is to encourage and support clients toward applying their well-being outside of the Pilates studio. Many of our wellness recommendations are based in the scientific study of traits like resilience, optimism, grit and mindfulness. A field of study called positive psychology. These traits and many more have been proven to be the key to living a life that feels engaged, meaningful and valuable.

Health is not the absence of disease but the presence of well-being.
— The World Health Organization





Using the Cadillac, Reformer, and Wunda chair, clients learn to consistently initiate and maintain movement from the core powerhouse muscles.

Individual Session $70
5 pack: $340
10 pack: $660

Duet Session $80 ($40/person)



Taught in small groups up to 7, classes focus on the classical mat sequence. Clients learn how to achieve healthy spinal stability and articulation along with overall flexibility.

($20 per session. Packaging options starting at $15.) 


Taught in small groups up to 4, clients use the wall unit resistance springs to dig deeper into the application and execution of quality movement. 

($30 per session. Packaging options starting at $28.) 

All classes/sessions are 50 minutes.

Give us a call 478.414.0181 to set up an individual session or sign up for group classes by clicking the link below.




Our story 

Philo (ˈfɪloʊ)

Origin: from Greek philein to love or philos loving.

From our owner: The name Philo has been in my family since 1867. Beyond the meaning of “loving and a tendency towards” it holds a personal representation of the broader collective of heritage, wisdom, and perspective gained through five generations. It’s my sincere wish that by connecting to our physical bodies we are able to deepen our own unique understanding of what we love and have a tendency towards… creating a wellspring of awareness in order to build a flourishing life for our selves, our communities and the world at large. 


Kimberly Philo Whatley, our owner, received her training and 700+ hour certification from Urban Body Studios with Patricia Russell, a long time instructor who trained directly under Joseph Pilates’ protégé Romana Kryzanowska. She continues to attend professional development and evolve her own practice as a student with various classically trained instructors in the Southeast region.  

In her words, “For me, the Pilates discipline has brought a deeper level of awareness not only in the way I physically move, play and perform, but also how I show up to my relationships, goals and sense of possibility. I believe that the ability to connect to and empower our physical bodies is directly related to our ability to connect to the larger context of life.”





Philo Pilates & Wellness is housed in Studio.

The Leathers Building
675 Pulaski St #1600
Athens, GA 30601

Kimberly Whatley


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